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ROBOTIC CONSTRUCTION AUTOMATION, LLC (RCA) is a new company that will be offering an innovative concept for constructing multi-story, multi-dwelling facilities. The RCA system will improve the construction and reduce the cost of hotels, hospitals, apartments, condominiums, dormitories, assisted living facilities and public housing.

This RCA concept influences the entire planning, design and construction process as it improves the security and sustainability of these multi-story multi-dwelling facilities, while decreasing the facility cost and retaining design freedom for the Architect. The cost of construction, the project financing cost and the long term operating cost of the facility are reduced by using concrete modules that are robotically cast on site in a mobile factory that can be leased to any contractor.

The RCA plan and technology (patent pending) were recently presented at the Strategic Development Council Forum 35 in Atlanta sponsored by the ACI Foundation. RCA is currently seeking strategic partners to make the concept available globally.

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